Our Staff: Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez

Edgardo R. Rodriguez Collazo, DPM is the Director of the Chicago Foot & Ankle Deformity Correction Center in Chicago, Illinois. He specializes in treating complex lower limb conditions such as congenital and acquired post-traumatic angular deformities, and focuses on disorders such as clubfoot, post-polio, tibia and fibular hemimelia. Other conditions treated at the center are failed tibial nails, ankle replacement with osteomyelitis, and distal tibial rotational and lengthening osteotomies.

In addition, Dr. Rodriguez has extensive experience in muscle flap procedures and peripheral nerve surgery. He has performed complex muscle flap surgeries using rotational, pedicle and transpositional muscle flaps for leg and foot structures. He has successfully completed over 200 nerve cases to date.

Dr. Rodriguez is an active member of the Department of Surgery at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital and Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago, as well as Methodist Hospital in Merrillville, Indiana. He has trained in the United States, Italy and Russia to learn the application of the Ilizarov technique, and has performed over 800 cases with external fixation.

He utilizes his expertise to provide training for fellow surgeons via several hospital-based observation preceptorships for lower extremities, including Peripheral Nerve and Muscle Flap Skills, Orthopedic, Neurologic and Autologous Therapies, and External Fixation and Limb Lengthening.

His special interest is pediatric deformity correction, for which he travels several times a year to donate his services to primarily youth in need to treat conditions including cavo-varus, spastic-equinus, and severe soft tissue contractures and clubfoot.

Dr. Rodriguez collaborates with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, one of the finest pediatric hospitals in the country, to help train doctors on multi-planar corrections. He also hosts several surgeons at his practice throughout the year from the U.S. and around the world as part of educational, hospital-based observation preceptorship programs to learn the Ilizarov method of deformity correction, neurologic and autologous therapies, and peripheral nerve and muscle flap skills.

He is the Co-Founder and Medical Chairman of the Chicago Lower Extremity Surgical Foundation, Founder and Chair of the Chicago Ilizarov Lower Limb Reconstructive Society, and Director of the Adult & Pediatric Ilizarov Lower Limb Traveling Fellowship. He is also the Associate Residency Director for the Presence Saint Joseph Hospital PGY-3 Program in Chicago, Illinois.

His complete Curriculum Vitae can be viewed here.

Our Staff: Dr. Roberto Segura

Dr. Roberto P. Segura is dedicated to helping patients afflicted with painful nerve disorders. He is specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal and peripheral nerve disorders of upper and lower limbs, as well as general neuromuscular diseases. Dr. Segura is active in research and continuing education, focusing on the neurologic complications of diabetes. He has developed specific and unique techniques to facilitate the diagnosis of entrapment neuropathies in lower limbs. Dr. Segura combines neurophysiological studies and neuromuscular diagnostic ultrasound for the optimal diagnosis of peripheral nerve disorders.

Prior to establishing the Chicago Peripheral Nerve and Deformity Correction Center, Dr. Segura was a member of the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation (NMFF), and Director of EMG Laboratories and the Neuromuscular Program at Northwestern University in the Neurology Department from 1977 to 1990. He subsequently joined the Chicago Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroresearch (CINN) as Director of Neurology and Neurodiagnostics. For more information, visit www.chicagopnc.com.