Physician's Resources: Triple Arthrodesis

Fusion of the Talo-navicular Joint, Calcaneo-cuboid and the Talo-calcaneal Joint. Commonly used as the last surgical option for management of arthritic painful flatfoot, neurological unstable foot and in limb salvage procedures (as seen below).

Flatfoot X-Ray Before Surgery

Flatfoot X-Ray After Surgery

Application of External Fixator to achieve Triple Arthrodesis

Flatfoot Before Surgery

Flatfoot After Surgery
Case Presentation: Patient with painful arthritic and collapsed arch, difficulty ambulating and standing for prolonged hours. Conservative measures were exhausted including custom made inserts and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs.
Outcome: Triple Arthrodesis achieved in 7 weeks with full weight-bearing by means of external fixation. Satisfactory limb and foot alignment and relief of symptoms.
*Personal result will be discussed with possible candidates per request.