Physician's Resources: Medical Missions

Dr. Rodriguez enjoys donating his time traveling to countries in Latin America for medical missions to perform surgical procedures. The medical team consists of anesthesiologists, plastic surgeons, and orthopedic surgeons. The goal is to bring much needed health care to poor people in needy areas of our world, and to provide opportunities for medical professionals to use their gifts and abilities while serving others. If you interested in donating your time and be would like to be involved in a very rewarding experience, please contact Dr. Rodriguez.

Many of the conditions that are treated in these countries involve pediatric deformities such as clubfoot, cleft palate and spinal bifida. This case involves a newborn that was born with bilateral club foot. The treatment rendered by the surgical team was casting both legs in their proper anatomical position and instructing the local doctors on how to properly perform serial casting with patients who have these kind of deformities using the (Ponseti Method).

Our entire staff at the Chicago Foot & Ankle Deformity Correction Center is trained in the proper techniques of serial casting for clubfoot applying the Ponseti Method. This Method was developed by Dr.Ignacio Ponseti from the Iowa University Children Hospital to treat congenital or recurrent clubfoot. Gentle and slow manipulation of the foot for several weeks is perform until the corrected and normal appearance of the foot is obtained.

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Club Foot - inward position of the foot and the leg (before casting)

Appearance of the initial casting
*Personal result will be discussed with possible candidates per request.